January 4th, 2008


tell me where to go...

Yeah, not like that, OK? I mean, unless you have damn good reason. And then please to be gentle.

It's Friday, and I have nothing on the calendar for the weekend. I'm thinking of joining a group to see a funny friend-of-a-friend at ImprovBoston, Sunday at 7pm.

Other than that ... I'm going to bask in the almost 40° tropics of tomorrow, and clean my car at some point. Probably actually get the laundry I've been glaring at into a washer, as I think everyone else in the building is done now. Perhaps a bit more furniture and stuff rearrangement.

But I'd like to be social along the way -- tonight, tomorrow, Sunday. Come to me, and I'll entertain you somehow, and probably feed you something, and definitely keep you warm and reasonably comfortably seated. Draw me to you, and we'll see how things go. :-)

Comments screened, because I know you like it that way. I may unscreen and/or respond here, if you're making a non-secret suggestion. Else, I'll respond by other means, so no Trackers get to see....

Ready? Go!