October 12th, 2007


weekend: housework, KRF, Samhain planning...

Tonight, it's laundry, random tidying, random dinner, SciFiFriday, and bed. Company is welcome, if you can tolerate me bouncing to the laundry room a few times, and doing some folding and such otherwise. ETA: freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and homemade tapioca pudding are available ... as are a wide variety of adult beverages ... if those would increase the attraction.

Tomorrow, I hit King Richard's Faire for the first and possibly only time this season. If I'm lucky, a friend who's working the show this season will have a pass for me, and the day will only cost me the gas and time for traveling. If you're there, hopefully I'll see you.

Tomorrow evening, out to dinner and drinking and such with too many people I miss from the show. Then, who knows?

Sunday, It's *possible* I'll still be at KRF, but that depends on too many variables to count. By 5:30pm, I plan to be in No. Reading to help plan EarthSpirit's Open Samhain (East). After that, most likely, home and early bed.