February 22nd, 2007


Presidential Hotties. uh huh.

Mmmhmm, Abe the Babe... maybe not babelike in the traditional sense (he was definitely tall and dark, if not classically "handsome") but a mind that was hotter than Georgia asphalt. You could ask him anything, and he would probably know the answer, which could be very convenient. Abe was pretty reserved -- not so great with the romantic stuff, and he'd probably run and hide if you ever said "listen, we need to have a talk". But his waters ran deep, possibly deeper than any other president. Maybe even than any other mortal. Ever. And we suspect that as long as you were gentle and non-judgmental with him, he'd totally open up to you. And when he did, and you saw the true contents of his heart, your mind would be BLOWN.

11% of people who took this quiz got the same result.


the better to play with others...

Breszny says --

Virgo Horoscope for week of February 22, 2007

Verticle Oracle card Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Here are tips on how to get the most out of your time with the other signs of the zodiac during the next three weeks.
With Sagittarius: Think bigger and go further than you normally do.
With Libra: Enjoy beautiful things together.
With Cancer: Make yourself easy to give to.
With Taurus: Let him or her help you get less theoretical, more practical.
With Aquarius: Collaborate in making the flow of ideas crackle and splash.
With Capricorn: To deepen your bond, laugh at hypocrisy together.
With Pisces: Join together in feeling rich emotions about a person or situation you both care about.
With Gemini: Dare to express three of your different sub-personalities.
With Aries: Remember that spontaneity leads to truth.
With Leo: Playfully brag to each other.
With Scorpio: Dive down together, going deeper than you could have by yourself.



What does this mean for you? That you should tell me what sign you are, and even better, what this advice was, when we spend time together in the next few weeks... which time we should definitely spend.