February 17th, 2007


warning labels...

I'm intrigued by this one. Blame or credit goes to aroraborealis, who wrote the first post of which I'm aware.

I've been trying to come up with ones appropriate to me, but I'm having difficulty with the pithyness -- after all, nobody reads the fine-print warning labels, so these can really only be a few words (maybe 25?) in length.

Beware of sharp tongue, and sharper teeth?

May be hazardous to spare closet space?

Prone to fits of fiscal irresponsibility?

I know there are worthwhile wordings out there... and I think I'm egotized enough to withstand whatever you may offer... so anonymous submissions are as welcome as attributed ones.

arrrrr, avast ye!


Pirate Fling

Avast! There be booty to be found! You're a swashbuckling,
charismatic person who swings into your partners' lives with
an honest charm to which they can't help but succumb. You have
a great weakness for booty, and you love to admire it wherever
you go. You win hearts (and phone numbers, and underwear...)
wherever you go. You feel a strong affinity with construction
What fling type are you?