December 13th, 2006


A death warrant is signed...

I got the estimate on the van.

$4k+ to make it worthy of the winter -- 3 tires, 4 ball joints, another transmission rebuild, the clockspring in the steering wheel controls -- and that's before dealing with a small internal coolant leak, likely pointing to the head gasket.

So ... I will be doing no highway driving for the near future, and limping this thing around for the next few weeks while I shop, hoping that it doesn't completely die before I'm ready.

One of the extra sucky aspects of all this is -- commuting by the T costs me far more out-of-pocket than driving this on the highway has been (like, around twice as much for the T) -- so I get to spend more when I can least spare it.


Anybody got a vehicle merchant they (dis-)recommend? Likewise for financing houses? I'm looking at this as incentive to join DCU, but if you've got other/better thoughts, I'd like to hear them.