March 31st, 2006


evening amusements wanted. apply within.

Like the sign says....

You can come to me, or I may come to you...

I expect to be watching Dr Who tonight, but that could be timeshifted if you have a better idea, including selections from the DVD rack...

The jumbotron's still working, though it's started showing signs of impending death (intermmittent color convergence issue in the red gun will probably mean disposal of the beast, as repairs won't be likely cheap or parts easily acquired on a 10-15 year old TV that really wants a housecall technician)

I've overlooked much in LJ this week, with very sporadic reading -- so if you think I should be attending some event you've mentioned, please don't take offense -- just remind me about it... you can comment here, or if you're feeling private about it, IM or email me -- all the contact info in my profile page is valid.

'Fess up.

Why am I on your friends' list?

Post this in your journal and see what people say about you.

Rumor has it that this meme is the sole fault of auburnsiren. Sie's not on my flist, so I cannot attest to the veracity of this rumor. I found this meme in a locked post by a therefore-anonymous person on my own flist. YMMV.