March 30th, 2006


Dresden Dolls, Orpheum, April 21 -- coming with me?

I'm ordering some CDs, and getting tickets with 'em.

You can have the new CD *and* a ticket, *and* come to the show with me, for $15 or other tradeoffs. (I'm fronting the $15.)

I'm going to place my order this afternoon, at 5:00 or so. I'm definitely getting 4. Only 1 is taken -- by me.

I can get up to 6 with this deal, and will do so, if I have that many people inclined to join me....

So, if you want to come, let me know -- now!

[Edit -- I've ordered 4. 2 certainly remain available, possibly 3. You've 3 weeks at most to speak up...]