March 29th, 2006


the brake suck continueth

New front pads! New front rotors! Cleaned and adjusted rear brakes!

And now... the lights still come on, and the brakes behave just as they did before all these new parts and stuff, and now it pulls left *and* right when stopping, and too much of the time, that stopping requires a HARD stomp on the pedal, which in the last instance this morning led to -- a shuddering, moaning, stinky stop at the lights as I exited the highway, as I think I cooked the resins off the new pads...

If the universe cooperates for the next little while, the mechanic, from just 2 miles up the road, will come and collect the van, and figure out what the *frell* they missed yesterday, and fix it right today... and tonight, I spend on Craigslist and ebay and the WantAd sites...

feh feh feh.