March 28th, 2006


eit! no brakes!

Well, almost no brakes... intermittently...

Sometimes, touch the pedal, and they grab like they're supposed to.

Sometimes, put the pedal to the floor, and it's like doing a Flintstones-style stop, and then the BRAKE and ABS warning lights come on -- but then, hit the pedal expecting this, and they work better, and pump a couple times, and the lights go out, and the brakes work like they're supposed to.....

Until a few stops later, when *bam* to the floor again

Not good...

So, the van is in the shop, to try and figure it out, hopefully in the next couple hours, so it can maybe be fixed today, and I can maybe drop off a hunk of furniture to bbbsg and chillguru's place, and/or to Diesel, and thence to home...

ah, life expenses...

full front brakes, including rotors... about $500

rear brakes, at least a cleaning and adjustment, maybe more... at least $130ish

ABS sensor... At least $50ish

*crossing fingers that they're done by 5*... priceless

time to start the new vehicle search... feh.

$750 later, the brakes are all working again. Now I just have to replace a headlight, and pass inspection.

And start searching for a new vehicle, as the rear drums and such are starting to deteriorate in a major way, which will not be cheap to fix again...


but tonight -- I'll be at Diesel, in an hour or so. and then to drop off furniture hunks. and then to home or dinner..... join me somewhere?