March 19th, 2006


West Wing ARGH! (no spoilers)

First time with the new VCR, I tried programming it to record 3 hours of Sunday TV, because I was going to be out for Equinox.

First, West Wing on NBC; then Sopranos, and Big Love on HBO.

The VCR auto-reset its clock, so that it recorded *last night*, Saturday, rather than tonight.

Sopranos and Big Love will both be re-run later this week, as well as being available On Demand... But the West Wing will not.

Any chance one of you recorded it for yourself, and has a way to share it with me? VHS, DVD, VCD, even a digital recording I can download from you and burn to a DVD myself (I have that technology, just not the digital recording part, yet)...

Thank you too much.