March 18th, 2006


tearjerker of the moment... As Good As It Gets

(written at about 1pm)

Feeling like one is a Jack Nicholson character is usually not a good sign.

It remains so in the case of Melvin -- and yet, there is hope, given his redemption in the end -- and that redemption would be true, regardless of how things turn out after movie-end with either relationship he's built during the film...

Several scenes brought a tear this morning -- the interplay between Melvin (Jack) and Carol (Helen Hunt) at several points, the bits between Helen and the artist (whose character and actor name both escape me)... even one of the bits with Melvin and the dog.

Some of my over-sensitivity of the moment is probably due to being in mid-fast (part of my magical practice is a twice-yearly fast, leading up to the Equinoxes), but... there's a piece of me that is far too aware of having plenty of Melvin's less attractive features and characteristics, and a good bit of fear that I will wind up very much living the hermit life, with little to no contact with other humans, especially in relationships of depth, whether romantisexual or just proper friendship....

I've known more than a few people who make me want to be a better man, to steal one of the better lines from the movie, but the reciprocal hasn't often been true, and when it has, it's apparently been shorter-lived for them than I...

Bleah. Perhaps I'll watch something else now, with a bit less deep-heart tugging, to lighten my mood, rather than diving into that wide open pool of depression.

And now, it's time to start some laundry, so I have something to wear for the rest of my weekend.