March 5th, 2006


the best laid plans...

The plan for tonight was a Swanky/Skanky party starting around 8, following a 5-ish dinner with a favorite mother-daughter team.

Dinner went swimmingly, as is usual with these ladies, with only the smallest hiccups due to the 18-month-old's overtiredness (she'd shortchanged herself on napping in the afternoon, and we all paid the price later in the evening).

Before leaving the team, I changed into my Swank outfit, which I was told made me the very picture of a Trust-Fund Baby (dress pants, shirt, tie, suit coat... and black leather Keds with hot pink laces) -- and I was off, roughly on schedule for a fashionable arrival an hour after "party start".

The drive between was only 45 minutes or so, but along the way, I was overtaken by yawning fits -- apparently I'd been infected by the overtired. OK, I thought, no problem -- it's early, yet, and this party will last a long while. A quick nap, and I'll be refreshed, and ready to carry on until the wee small hours...

In most such situations, I'd park for the party, and catch a quick catnap in the car, still sitting behind the wheel. This time, I didn't have any wake-up alarm with me, and feared that the bone-chilling cold might keep me from waking -- ever -- so I chose to detour to my own place, figuring on an extra 15 minutes of travel time, and an hour or so's napping, would still bring me to the party well within the hours of high activity.

I reached home without incident, though the yawns were increasing in frequency and severity (and, you know, it can be hard to drive when the facial stretching of a power yawn distorts your eyeballs!), parked, and staggered to the bedroom. I set my alarm clock for an hour later, and lay down atop the bedclothes, still enswanked.

I bet you can tell where this is going.

It's now approaching 5 hours after my delay-planned arrival time... and my alarm is silent, as I slept right through 2 hours of it, without the slightest movement from the position in which I laid down. I'm not fully rested, and will be returning to bed after de-swanking, but I'm awake enough to be disappointed in having failed to attend what was undoubtedly a heck-of-a-party, and really hoping I've not offended the hostess by so doing.