Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
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three things...

First, where I plan to be Thursday evening. Fashion Fusion - A Mingling of Decades, Duds, and Decor. My cousin is involved, and she's always fun to hang out with ... plus, you know, fashion and coffee!

Modern Millie and Cabin Fever are bringing together 1960's Vintage and Contemporary Fashion and Decor. The fashion and decor show takes place Gulu-Gulu Cafe starting at 8:00, featuring Modern Millie's fashions and Cabin Fever's furniture and accessories. There is Free Admission so come early! Donations to the Northeast Animal Shelter are encouraged! DJ John will be supplying the groovy melodies for your listening enjoyment!

and, where I *won't* be Thursday ... but if you're not coming to Salem with me, you should think about it.

Mr. Fox at Squawk
1555 Mass. Ave.
(at the Harvard/ Epworth Church),
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

We are at one of the interesting junctures in the year, the place I like to call "in between" seasons. The moon is full and the air smells like change. We are less than 2 months away from an enormous shift in our country, and more than fingers are crossed. As the trees go naked, we layer on clothes, make fires and music. Please, come out and join us with your music, words, dance or performance this Thursday at the Squawk Coffeehouse open-mic. What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? is the featured act, and we're going to do the stripped-down intimate trio of Brian, Mike and Nathan. There's even a piano. Hope to see you.

Cost : $3.00 at door + donation for feature.

and last... a friend was one of the contributors to this Freakonomics column, which I found amusing, interesting, and such like that. Maybe you will, too.


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