October 12th, 2004


Twilight ....

another one over the dam, and under the bridge, and down the road....

I was Jaguar, working with my ancestors, and more to the point, helping some others learn how to reach their own...

and somewhere in the middle, playing a behind-the-scenes part in the big Visioning Ritual, a good thing as ever...

and in the end of that, emerging to grasp a piece of the coming Winter's (and Year's) work -- The Hierophant

Interestingly, dancingwolfgrrl took hold of the same piece...

In the end, not enough sleep (as always), but lots of good stuff and time and talk and work....

Wishes there was a way to do that ever always, and not have to work the other stuff quite so much....
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amusement is.

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Your soul is bound to the Sixth Totem, Gehirn,
The Tortoise

Gehirn appears as a claret colored turtle. He
embodies growth, success, evolution, and
. He is associated with the color
claret, the season of summer, and the element
of wind. His downfall is forgetfulness.

You are most compatible with Monkeys and Spiders.

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