August 15th, 2004


I'm my own arch-enemy!

Your LJ Pirate Quest by rachelthedemon
Favorite Color
Your First Matejaderowan8580
Your Cabin Boy/Girlcrazysluttyfuck
Your Bodyguardtopaz_munro
The Bad Guy/Girlmacthud
Your Obligatory Love Interesthawkegirl
The Fanservicey Onestresskitten
Your Coveted TreasureWhat else? Your friends!
Number of people you kill to get it92,568
Number of times you get laid afterward47
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the truth comes out

The Scary Truth About Your Friends (eddie izzard style) by Mellifera
Wants a "cup of coffee"hawkegirl
Hides their makeup in a treetopaz_munro
Vegetarian painterjaderowan8580
Was on the moon with Stevebeah
Poked a badger with a spoonblivious
Puts babies on spikescatness
Can run about in heels and not fall overcatya
Under house arrestpixytrick
Carries a brick in their handbagkinkysmart
Never played Risk as a kidamin_naa_tualle
Ich bin ein Berlinnerpurple_cat
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