January 1st, 2004



interesting new horoscope site, snagged from wisdom_seeker. This is the one for Jan 2 (not sure why it's giving that for "today" at 10pm, ET, but maybe they're based in Europe...) --

There are times when the world seems like a delightful fairground, full of wonderful free rides. At other times it feels as if we have been forced, against our will, to climb aboard some terrifying roller-coaster and been made, what's more, to pay through the nose for this unwanted experience. Recent stressful planetary alignments have left you feeling very drained, apprehensive and resentful. Soon though, you'll have an inspiring, timely reminder of how joyous the fair can be at its best.

time to start building a new daily-read site list -- with this one at the top...

even if my ongoing favorite horoscope site remains Rob Brezny's, he only gives weekly freebies, like these