Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

doom, doom, and more doom

Who's behind on reading LJ and all his other social sites? not to mention news sites? and work stuff?


See, I got this brand new, spiffy MacBookPro from work, for work ... upgrading the PowerBook G4 I've been limping along with since its internal fans went south ... and the upgrade also included a shift from Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) to Leopard (10.5), cause that's just how we roll.

And so I migrated all my old applications and settings and documents over, and started working.

And Eudora started crashing. and corrupting its mailbox files, so far as I could tell, just in setting some read/unread/etc. statuses wrong. and crashing more. and corrupting its files more, now showing wrong dates for messages, and also showing wrong *content* for messages.

At first, I thought it was just corrupt "TOC" or "Tables of Contents", but there's a simple process to make Eudora regenerate those -- and it made no difference.

I looked into several of the troublesome mailbox files, and their *content* looks OK ... so now I'm trying more ways to rebuild the TOCs -- and not getting new mail from my various servers until I figure it out -- because either I can revive this, and stick with Eudora for a bit longer, while I migrate to a new client in a controlled way -- or Eudora is toast, and all my mail archives are screwed, and *that* has to end with the mail I already have in hand.

But this means I'm largely incommunicado for a while. You can reach me via gmail -- because I don't POP that yet. Or any of my IMs or phone listings or ... But if you sent me mail more recently than yesterday morning? Presume I haven't got it, and won't get it for a while. And spread the word to anyone you think might care to know.


Back to the grand of trying to fix.

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