Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

insomnia ... and away for a week


Tonight, I was supposed to be on site for Rites, getting myself squared away, and preparing for the rest of staff to arrive, and then Village Builders, and then the Gathering as a whole...

But packing took longer than planned, as sometimes happens, and some last minute things came up making my still being here worth the delay ... but then I couldn't get to sleep.

I've now caught up on the last 1000 LJ posts from people on my friends list. I'm not touching communities.

Rather, I've skimmed those posts. I've responded to some, and marked about 50 for responding with more care, later.

Current plan is that I get up around 8am, load the trailer with several tubs of gear, and roll out from home by 9:30 or so. Hit my office to use the laser printer for a few minutes, then to Staples to get 300 copies of that printout. Then (or maybe while Staples is copying) Trader Joe's to get some snacky bits, then 50 miles driving... Then another stop at BJ's for some particular snacky bits TJ's doesn't stock, and then the remaining 175-200 mile drive. Hope to be on site by 3ish.

I'll be off-line from when I leave my office (and won't really be online there) until the 27th or so. I probably won't be catching up on LJ until late that week -- and even then, can't guarantee I'll see *your* specialness, no matter how important I would think it if I *did* see it. So -- if it's important to you that *I* know ... comment here (screened; anonymous allowed, so you needn't be an LJ user, those of you who see this spooled elsewhere), or send me an email, too?

See you soon...

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