Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

my Year, it is New. Let me show you it!

Happy Whoopdy Do-Dah!

A pair of fine parties marked the night for me. I left one earlier than I'd originally planned, after arriving later, and having participated rather less in the anticipated party games than planned, too... But the brief time there was well spent, with people I enjoy, and who I think enjoy me...

Party #2 was one I'd heard of for years, but never been officially invited to, and I'm not generally the crashing sort, so I didn't go until this year -- when invitations were extended through several friends I share with the hosts. It did not disappoint.

I got home an hour or so ago, surfed a bit of LJ, had a small snack of protein, water, and aspirin, and will be headed to bed shortly. If you're going to brunch somewhere around Boston, around Noon or later, ping me? I'll have the phone by the bed -- sixty-one, seventy-eight, eighty-four, sixty-three, eighteen.

Later in the afternoon, I'll be headed to a long-standing tradition, a couple of friends' annual New Years Day party in North Reading. Odds are good I'll be there until mid-evening, and then home to bed -- but if there's another event I should be attending, or another thing I should be doing, with you or not, you should definitely ping me sooner than later. Depending on endless details, I might could bring you along to the annual party, before we head off elsewhere.

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