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Sunday Sunday Sunday

in reverse order...

The Third Wheel (2002) Luke Wilson, Ben Affleck, Denise Richards, several others... -- is remarkably amusing for a pretty basic premise. I'd watch it again, with folks who are interested...

Blue Room brunch is VERY tasty, and while there's not a lot of traditional brunch fare (especially, no omelettes), there's enough variety that almost anyone should be able to feed well ... at least, almost any omnivore. I wasn't thinking about vegetarian needs while I made my way along the buffet, but in retrospect, there didn't seem to be a whole lot there for them. Ovo-lacto, *maybe*; add fish, and you'd do OK.

Driving over the Tobin Bridge from Chelsea into Boston, there's a regular speed trap at the bottom of the ramp, just outside the City Square tunnel ... and I forgot about it, and I got tagged. It's a 30 zone. The cop zapped me at 65. Coasting! He was very nice, and only wrote me up for 40, which ain't free, and I think it kills my safe driver discount which will *royally* suck ... but there's really no appealing this one.

Last night's concert (Dresden Dolls, Luminescent Orchestrii, Lexington High School Drama, and Meow Meow) was good fun, with Dolls and Orchestrii mixing at various points, and a bunch of great covers. After the show, we lingered in the lobby, chatting with Sxip and Meow and others, while bbbsg was taken backstage to get Brian's cookie recipe (which we delighted in at Jason Webley's recent show at the Lilypad)... By the time I'd dropped them all off, it was 12:15 or so, and too late to get back to --

Fondue! redheadedmuse and family give good party. I'm so glad we all decided to go for the early portion, before heading for the concert, cause otherwise I would have missed it all! catya made her usual excellent cheese fondue, and I *think* she was also the source of the chocolate chip cookies I indulged in while awaiting the cheeeeeeese; S and K, who may or may not be on LJ, made a great Mexican variant; someone brought an amazing Winter Warmer beer I need to find more of. Nice to spend time with some folks I don't see enough of, even as little time as it was (about 2.5 hours on the VERY early side of the party, before going to see the Dolls).

And now it's mid-afternoon Sunday, and I'm wondering what, if anything, I'll spend the rest of my day doing, and with whom. I should probably throw some laundry in, if there are empty washers downstairs, which will keep me here for 2-3 hours through the dry cycle. Whether I do the laundry or not, I now have an unprogrammed evening. How about you? Want some company, or a warm and reasonably comfy place to hang? Movies, dinner, board/card games, just-plain-talking ... I'm pretty flexible.

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