Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

wanna see the Dresden Dolls (with Meow Meow, Luminescent Orchestrii, LHS Drama, and ???) with me?

Plans going awry as they will, my original seatmates have unexpected holiday commitments they cannot dodge, *and* we actually acquired *two* sets of three tickets (one set on the floor, one in the balcony) for Saturday's show at the Orpheum.

I haven't seen the seat locations yet, so I don't know where I'll be sitting (*probably* the floor), but I'm in one of the two groups. The other 5 Four of the other seats are currently unclaimed. Wanna come to a show? Wanna sit with me? Or avoid me like the plague?

I'd like to know and like the people sitting with me, and even better if friends take all 5, but if need be, I'll sell the spares on the street outside the theater...

We got half of these online, and half in person, so we're going to spread the service charges over all of 'em. They're still under $30 each. What a bargain!

Ping me (or chillguru or bbbsg who actually have the physical tickets) soon!

(P.S. Transportation to and/or from the show can probably be arranged ...)

2007-12-15 2pm ETA: chillguru and bbbsg will be sitting elsewhere, with two *more* tickets, though they do get seats in the Thudmobile. So we've *maybe* got 1-2 more spaces for the driving part of the deal; definitely 4 more seats for the show.

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