Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

Samhain is a season.

My 88 year old grandfather's 82 year old kid sister; my mother's godmother; my great aunt Barbara, died Wednesday, after a long illness. Not unexpected, but still another mortality reminder in keeping with the season.

The wake was Friday evening; funeral and such will be Saturday morning.

My folks seem to be dealing OK. My grandfather is definitely on his way to the other side, but can generally carry on a lucid conversation when he can hear the other person. Sadly, his hearing seems to be getting more variable, or at least less able to discern one voice from many, these days.

I didn't know Barbara well, and don't have strong memories of her, but this reminds me that one side of having a large family, is having a long list of farewells to make, one way or another.

And so it goes...

I'll be spending a sizeable chunk of tomorrow, after the funeral and following general social, with my own godmother, my mother's (11 years younger) kid sister, only 13 years older than I. She's had a bunch of transition the past few years, including moving to Nantucket, getting married, dealing with the sudden death of her new husband not even a year later, opening a B&B in Maine, and more and more. She tends to look to me for spiritual and social counsel, which I have so far been reasonably able to deliver. Hopefully I'll be able to help her get her feet steady under her once again.

Late tomorrow, there are two parties I aimed to attend, before these other events crept in. I may trim that to one, and I'm not yet sure which. One is in Burlington, the other in Westminster. I'm inclining toward the latter, as the guest list includes many people I see far less frequently than most of those likely to be at the former, but I may yet make it to both. We shall see.

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