Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

room for one more!

This weekend has such a full calendar... I need to wedge something more in!

Friday evening starts with a dinner party near Davis Square, and then goes late with a going-away party in Jamaica Plain.

Saturday is planned to include an ENSMB performance in the parade at the AltWheels festival --

The 5th annual AltWheels festival, a grassroots volunteer initiative to promote green energy uses, is scheduled on September 28 & 29 at Boston's City Hall Plaza. The goal of the festival is to create a fun, artistic atmosphere for young and old. AltWheels, an all-volunteer initiative, has been in existence for 5 years. More and more, the festival is expanding its scope from transportation to energy and a holistic view of green technologies. Last year's events drew 20,000 visitors.

-- and then a (very shiny) birthday party on the Charlestown side of Somerville.

Sunday in Lynn, I have a newly minted PhD to fete, after which it will be time for Nicola Gordon to wow me once again with her arrangements and performances of Hafiz poetry in a house concert. Ping me if you think you might join in the latter -- I dunno if there's still space, but if there is, you really do want to be there, even if you don't know it yet. It's a *very* cheap night and worth much more.

Now, what's missing from the above?

Right -- the last line-up in Sxip's Hour of Charm (really, Sxip's Charming Hours, but don't tell anyone). Shows are Friday and Sunday at 8pm, and Saturday at 7pm or 10pm.

My current theory is to go the 7pm Saturday show, and then off to the birthday party, which doesn't start until 9pm anyway. So you, yes, *YOU*, should now let me know whether you'll be joining me for Sxip's Hours.

You definitely want to see this show. I can get 12 seats at $20 each; more go for $25, cause I'll be out of coupons. There's not a bad seat in the theater, but I'll go for the better ones if I can buy in advance ...

So speak soon! I'll probably hit the box office Friday, *maybe* Saturday afternoon, *maybe* Thursday if I have at least a table-full by the time I get out of work (or if seats in the areas I prefer are offered in the online system).

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