Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

not quite lost...

Joining bbbsg and chillguru for Sxip Shirey's Hour of Charm at the Zero Arrow A.R.T. last night (it's still there tonight and tomorrow!), featuring (in *NO* particular order) Jason Webley, Amanda Palmer, Reggie Watts, Jonas Woolverton, Una Mimnagh, and others, was well worth the time and money.

The advertised one hour show was promptly claimed to be more like two hours, and by the time we left it had been nearly three. Sadly, that cannot happen tonight, when they have two shows, and must empty the hall from the later (starting at 10pm) in time to lock the doors at 1am.

Still, I'm tempted to go back again this weekend, and am now seriously thinking about how I can make the next two weekends work.

I got to spend a few moments chatting with most of the performers, which is always nice. We picked up folzgold, his girlfriend, and another whose LJ name I don't know, and we all dragged Jason Webley along for Finale afters. A fine time was had by all, with unending laughter and sharing of folzgold's salty white chocolate teardrops -- creamy deliciousness!

From there, I ran into lovely traffic on the river roads, and didn't get home until nearly 2am, and was awake until 3ish. Today, I semi-woke around 1, but was so foggy as I staggered around finding breakfast juice, that I went back to bed and didn't wake again until around 4.

Now, I have 4 dryers and 2 washers running, and expect to be working the laundry project until 8 or 9, and then I'm at a loss. I have a terrible feeling that I was invited to something I've forgotten -- and I hope you will remind me and not take offense if it's your event!

Tomorrow morning, I may manage to get up and out early enough to do something brunch-like (no coffee and no meat for me, this week ... suggestions?)

In the early afternoon, I will be joining mzrowan for a fine film at the Brattle, and will then play the evening by ear.

No, I guess this weekend isn't being lost so much as buried.

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