Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

new plans needed -- tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow-morrow

My original plan for this weekend was a trip west for a medium-sized private Lammas celebration. As of now, I'll be seeing a possible house tomorrow, late enough that it won't be happy-making to drive west.

So, I'll be on the Boston end of the state all weekend, and would like to have some fun while I'm at it.

Tonight, I'm thinking about a 10:30 show at the Lilypad, with Elizabeth and the Catapult. Depending on the weather and my level of exhaustion, I may then make an expotition to Spy Pond for a bit of night skinnydipping swimming. queen_of_wands, you were interested in more-local-than-Walden water -- care to join?

For tomorrow, I won't be making firm plans until I get confirmation of the house show-time, but I will probably spend a chunk of the day doing laundry and otherwise home-bodying. Company and distraction are welcome for these.

As things stand I have an empty evening, tomorrow. It might be the rain-date for Spy Pond, or a repeat visit, or something entirely different.

Sunday... I may make it to a foo in Harvard Square around Noon, or I may not. Other than that, this day is empty of plans.

What are *you* up to? Want company/assistance/distraction?

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