Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

evening travel...

My VUE is at my trusty mechanic's shop, in Newtonville, getting a transmission cooler and a trailer hitch installed, in preparation for Rites. It should be done by this evening, and we have a fine relationship, so I can pick it up after hours.


I'm at work in Burlington, and want to go be social at Diesel afterward.

Leaving the office at 5:00, I can go direct (well, bus to Red Line to Bus or Commuter Rail) to Newtonville and then drive back to the Diesel for 7ish (blah), or I can go direct to Diesel for 5:45ish and then get to Newton later (leaving Davis at 9:30 gets me to Newtonville at about 10:30)...

I think I'm gonna plan on the later run. If anyone feels like giving me a ride to Newtonville after Diesel/dinner, you'll make me smile.


Then again... It's never easy.

The hitch supplier shipped the wrong piece, and said there was some issue with the trannie cooler, and someone thought I might have a "Redline" model, and blah blah blah... Long story short, the VUE doesn't need a trannie cooler if I stay below 3500 poundsfor the trailer, which is all it's rated for anyway, so that's fine. Having spoken with Saturn, I have confirmed I do *not* have the "Redline" (which is a silly sporty refit with much less ground clearance) and having spoken to another hitch supplier, I have confirmed that the DrawTite part numbers we started with *are* correct...

So now it's a question of whether the parts can get to Newton tomorrow, so I can have the car back *then*... and thus, whether anyone feels like giving me a ride to *Chelsea* after Diesel/dinner. La, la, la.

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