Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

weekend in review...

Today was TKOP. Not so full of personal action as some have been, but I was glad to have been there. Spent some time talking with people I don't often see, and that's almost always worthwhile.

Laundry didn't happen, because my building has too few machines for too many people. I may wind up making an excursion to an actual laundromat to get this mountain done, at the rate things are going.

Yesterday, far too much driving, but again, worth it. About 4.5 hours total behind the wheel, in optimal conditions, from Chelsea to Pittsfield and back, bracketed about the same time spent being social with a couple of friends I haven't seen in a few years, listening to Crystal Zevon read some selected passages, and conversing with her as she reminisced about Warren.

I should have realized that this was an open event, and made more of a to-do about it beforehand, but I'm just as happy for myself that I hadn't. There were perhaps a dozen people at the signing, and of those, only 6 or so remained for more than the first half hour. So, it became a much more intimate and relaxed affair than is often the case, and I think that was to the good of all. Crystal is a sweet woman, working with (among other things) LACE, the Local Agricultural Community Exchange, "a farm-fresh market and café that will feature locally grown produce," and the The Barre Opera House. It just may be that I get to count her as a friend, in time. That would make me smile.

Friday was the much anticipated meeting of wisdom_seeker's new boyfriend of significance. I am pleased to say that there were no troublesome vibes to be felt. That's not quite the same as giving a seal of approval, I guess, but with this little exposure, it's all I can say. Not that my sister really needs me to approve of her choices, but I'm happy that she felt it important we all meet.

That evening also included 90 minutes of still photos, and another 45 minutes or so of moving pictures, from the trip she took to Vienna and Hungary some months ago. She and a friend had been regular attendees of some waltz events in NYC, and met a couple of older gentlemen who had planned this trip to the debutante balls a year or two before -- and had suddenly realized they weren't going to have ladies they were involved with for the trip, so why not take these youngsters who were fun to dance with and nice to look at and all? It was a fabulous opportunity, and well worth it, from all I can see.

And now, it's 1am, and I should sleep soon, so I can rise and groan to work for 9.....

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