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partially revised weekend...

(arrived home, and started writing this at about 1:30am)

First thing -- I think I'm probably not going to see A.K.A.C.O.D. tomorrow night, because a more infrequent opportunity is arising -- to see Elizabeth and the Catapult, one of the openers for Amanda Palmer's last solo show at the Paradise, in Worcester!

Saturday, April 21st, 8pm
Elizabeth and the Catapult
w/Walter and the Orange Ocean(amazing) and Hooray for Earth(also amazing)
@Ralph's Chadwick Square Rock Club
148 Grove Street, Worcester, MA

Wanna come with? Aw, you know you do... There *appears* to be no cover/ticket cost. I'm now considering whether I'll be doing Clinton (storage) >> Carlisle (bday party) >> Worcester (show), or flipping the first two (and leaving the party after a much shorter appearance), or pushing Clinton to Sunday, or.... Depends on who's interested in Worcester, and whether you feel OK about coming with me when I appear in Carlisle.

So call (after 10am) or email or IM if you want to do brunch or ride along on any of the above...

Tonight's HUMANWINE show was well worth the trip to the Paradise.

I got there about 8:30, later than I planned, but well before the show began. bbbsg, chillguru, and a couple of other friends whose LJ names I lack, spotted me standing off to one side by one of the pillars (I try not to obstruct views too much, at my height, and I was also wearing my top hat); as they were standing by the center pillar by the stage, I shuffled over and joined them.

While hanging out waiting for the first act, off in the crowd was spotted Lucretia, of Lucretia's Daggers, a friend of roughly 18 years whom I see too infrequently these days. She shifted from her own stage-side position to come hang by me, and we joked through the show. Always fun.

The first band on the triple bill -- What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? -- was excellent. I'm now on their mailing list, if they can read the slightly funky arty signup I put in their book. I'll see them again, and would have their CD if there'd been any at the merch table.

The second, Aberdeen City, was rather not to my taste. There was some amusement watching one of the guitarists paying apparent homage to Syd Vicious and Jimi Hendrix, in their overdrugged and overdrunk phases, but not a lot.

HUMANWINE. So much to say... Holly Brewer is always a delight; M@ McNiss is a more than accomplished guitarist/vocalist; Brian Viglione on drums adds a special touch; and the rest of the band on stage was also rather fun.

I found a connection to Holly early on, and there was a great deal of eye contact and playfulness through the show. Which could have been hallucination or imagination, as performers often seem to make eye contact when they can't see through the stage lights, but she confirmed it when we spoke briefly after the show, and she signed my copy of the limited edition Fighting Naked Tour CD. Whee!

She tossed comics to the crowd at various points, and at one point held her hand up in an obvious signaling gesture -- thumb folded to palm, palm toward herself, pointer and pinky splayed, ring and middle fingers together (sort-of a twist on the Vulcan salute, if that helps you visualize). I returned the signal, and she went to toss me one -- and it fell to pieces on the stage behind her. She almost tossed me a different one, but apparently couldn't find one as good, so wound up tossing me the pieces (West Coast Avengers, #2 of a 4 issue mini-series).

At a later point, shortly after a more-intense feeling bit of eye-contact, she pulled a hoof off one of those shaker-bundles, and tossed it in my general direction. I reached and caught it, and my hand was in turn caught by Lucretia... I got the hoof.

Still later, some jamoke elbowed his way from the back of the crowd, between me and Lucretia, and started taking up more and more space in front of us. As Lucretia, I, and one of her other friends spoke LOUDLY behind him about his being such a royal dick, not even having the decency to smile and be friendly about his sudden appearance there (not having paid his dues through the earlier bands' sets), Holly pulled another hoof from the shaker and tossed it more deliberately in my direction. I'm not sure either hoof was intended for me; this one went with Mr. Obnoxious.

Moments later, Lucretia grabbed the bozo's PBR and led him toward the back of the club, then appeared beside me again -- just in time for the last song of the basic set to end. That was fine -- the encore was at least 3 songs (4? 5?), and just as energetic as the rest. In the last track, there was a fair amoung of pogo going on, between Holly and other lady on stage (whose name I do not, regretably, know), me, Lucretia, and some others on the floor. Once more, Holly and I caught eyes, and there was some definitely synchronized pogo -- not just the up-and-down that everyone knows, but side-to-side with the feet while holding head steady....

The show concluded, and we 5 and some others hung around for a while, hoping to catch a few words with Brian and Holly in particular (both of these know bbbsg and chillguru, and he wanted to pass on some flyers for his upcoming ENSMB show). I wanted to get my CD signed by Holly and M@ (and I should have grabbed Brian, too, dopey me). While we waited, Mr. Obnoxious came to rant and rave at me about how I had crushed his beer and gotten all up in his face... Damn fool has no idea what up in his face would look like. Nor apparently can tell the difference between Lucretia and I, as I never touched him or his beer. This is particularly funny, as Lucretia is at least 12" shorter than I, among other obvious differences.

So, we hung about, I got my CD liner notes signed by M@ and Holly, got confirmation that I wasn't imagining the connection with Holly, and generally put a fine capper on the evening.

I'm starting to be sleepy now (4:30am), the energies of the night wearing off at last. So I think I will go fall over and snooze.


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