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Pagan Night Out...

write-up glommed from an old Boston Phoenix page --

Best place to meet pagans and witches and druids (oh, my!)

Yuppies have their watering holes. Working Joes have softball teams. Even anti-social goths get together to walk for charitable causes (wearing loads of sunscreen, of course). Well, now there's a time and place for witches to get together for something more mundane than healing Mother Earth. Pagan Night Out is a regular event loosely based on (okay, stolen from) a similar event in the pagan community of Austin, Texas. It happens each month on the 13th, at the Phoenix Landing in Cambridge. A dozen or more local pagans gather at 6:30 p.m. to meet, greet, eat (appetizers are half-price until 7 p.m.), and drink. They tend to wear subtle identifiers (say, a small pentacle necklace worn outside the shirt) and leave it at that. But a few go the whole nine yards in witchy attire, starting with, say, a black cloak or a batik tunic covered with stars and moons. Think of a goth deadhead at a Renaissance fair.

Though there are plenty of teenage witch wanna-bes in the Boston area, this is a bar, so only those of legal age may attend. Otherwise, anyone is welcome -- including regular bar patrons who may or may not realize that there's a coven in their midst.

Phoenix Landing, 512 Mass Ave, Cambridge, (617) 576-6260.

I'll be there tonight. Will you?

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