Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

tired to the bone ... and weekend hoping

Bedtime came early last night, making me turn off Top Chef shortly after the final four had arrived on the Big Island. I woke up HARD at about 5:30 am, and puttered about with little brain juice but no sleeping possible until I headed out to catch the bus around 7:30 -- when I suddenly started with the yawning and the asleep-on-my-feeting.

The local bus ran late, and then the Red Line followed suit, so I didn't get to the office at 9:15, but at 10:00. Didn't matter much; my brain was minimally functional all day. Still, I made progress at a number of peck-away-at-it tasks.

I had somewhat planned to join rekling and lightcastle for Pan's Labyrinth this evening, but when it came time to leave the office, I was just as glad I'd not RSVPed, for I was sleepy enough that I lost track of the last few minutes of the day, and so missed my preferred (Express) bus by seconds. As it was COLD out there, rather than standing still for 30 minutes awaiting the next express, I walked 5 minutes and waited 5 minutes, and rode the local to Alewife, dozing all the way.

Red Line, to Green Line, to local bus... and remarkably, home at 6:45. Almost ready to fall asleep NOW.

I really hope tonights sleep delivers REST, so tomorrow I'm not still a zombie.

... ... ...

This weekend is Feast of Lights, which I will not be attending, for the first time since this annual event began. I can't quite afford the hotel and other expenses, plus I'm still without vehicle, plus I'm still wincing from the theft which followed last year's event.

... ... ...

This weekend is the Fetish Fair Fleamarket, which I hope to attend. Many vendors come to the winter event who don't come to the summer anymore, and I am still missing many, many of the pieces which were stolen last year. I particularly want to replace my large Davo (18" brass handle, 24" purple braid fall with 1" x 4" tail), and have hopes of finding some other pieces to fill in some gaps in my current toybox.

However. Again, I cannot really afford hotel, and the main Flea hotel is long sold out, anyway. And the whole event is taking place in Danvers -- with no mass transit options.

So -- I am hoping that one or more of you folks is planning to attend, and will have an empty seat in your car, and would be willing and able to meet me at some T station or come get me from Chelsea. I'll happily pitch in for gas.

Perfect world, I'd be at the Flea on Saturday, as there is an unrelated private invitational event Sunday afternoon, which I would also like to attend (and if you know what that is, and are planning to be there, I'd love to know that). But if my only opportunity to hit the Flea would be on Sunday -- I think I'm probably choosing that.

So speak up, you folks! Comments are screened, and will probably stay that way.

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