Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.


I was inspired on my way home this evening, to stop off in Porter Square, Cambridge -- right off the Red Line -- where I picked up a heavy-duty black cart for $35 from TAGS Hardware. A bit more than I'd been thinking of spending, but it should last a good long time, and the wheels and such are lifetime guaranteed...

The downside of that stop was the Shaw's (formerly Star) in the same plaza. I'd forgotten the price of convenience! $5 for a half-gallon of half-n-half is just ugly when I know it's $3.50 elsewhere, and the difference in pricing of other things for those with and without Shaw's cards is equally ugly when one doesn't have such a card. So I didn't do the full shopping round I'd planned, and just got the necessities.

Roche Bros (1 mile walk from the office, and 1/8 mile walk from the slow bus route to Alewife) doesn't need customer cards to have good prices. Nor does Market Basket (1 mile walk from the apartment, or some time on yet another bus and about 1/8 mile walk). I think I'll be doing a bunch more walking, and dragging a shopping cart on some busses (as it's a *much* longer walk with the cart than without).

A new proposition for you, my gentle readers -- anyone interested in going to BJs can take advantage of my membership, in exchange for vehicular transportation and company.

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