Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
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past and future...

An excellent weekend was spent at !Arisia, about which probably more specifics later. Generalities include getting to better know several people who were less well-known to start, through conversation, shared meals, and amusements of various kinds. If you are (or you know the LJ name of) one of those with whom I played or conversed, and we're not already mutually friended, let me know? I'm pretty sure I'm lacking at least one LJ name. Special thanks to those who arranged the weekend, who helped me transport my gear there, who transported me and my gear home, and who sponsored a couple of meals.

This evening was too briefly spent at Diesel, though the early departure had good reason (thank you for the ride, concrete). Some interesting and amusing conversations were had, and the usual tasty Vietnamese coffee helped keep me awake until now. And an iBook fix-it project was collected from redheadedmuse and family, which will fill a few of my hours this week and upcoming weekend.

Tomorrow evening, after work, I must make a pilgrimage to a grocery store, and it must be one relatively convenient to the T. Desperate need of half-n-half for morning coffee, and TP (ohnoes! *that* is one roll of *PT*, not two of TP!) are only the start of my list. I could conceivably go to the Roche Bros (1 mile) or the Trader Joe's (2.5 miles) within walking distance of my office, but would rather have shorter walks to the bus, and less time on the T after acquiring this baggage.

I am wondering if anyone (hopefully nearby to me, convenient to the T, or willing and able to deliver to me) has a rolling grocery cart they might lend or sell, or perhaps you know where I can buy a cheap-but-quality model, that I may better cope with my current lack of vehicle, as no matter how close the store is to the T, the nearest bus stop is 1/4 mile and 4 floors of stairs from my door. (I can decrease the stairs, and climb hills instead, if I increase the overall walking distance.) With a cart, I can do a reasonable grocery run in one shot; without, I can really only carry a couple of bags home each trip.

I am (as usual) somewhat behind on LJ, and though I'll try to catch up, if you feel it important that I see something, a specific pointer will be appreciated.

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