Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

NYE options (and rides and/or crash space)?

I will almost certainly not have a new vehicle in time for NYE.

I would very much prefer not to be sitting alone at home.

I have had great good luck with recent LJ calls for fun and/or company, so --

What are you doing? Would you, could you, take me with you, add me to your guest list, possibly provide a 7' x 3' wedge of crash space or a ride home when things die down?

Even if you think I already know about your event, even if I've already responded, please renew ... because I seem to have scrambled my calendar But Good, and events I know were months ago are showing up for January, while a couple I know are happening in January have gone ... somewhen else.

I'm screening responses, because I know there are people having small and private events as well as larger, more open parties. I'm more inclined to something small-to-medium sized, but I'd like to hear what *your* plans are, because the company I'm with can completely change the feel of an event... (The right companion can change an event from totally not my speed, to just exactly what I'm in the mood for... whether it's making small seem large, quiet seem boisterous, whatever...)

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