Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

It's a Monday, on Tuesday....

I remembered to set the alarm, but not the coffeepot, so didn't caffeinate sufficiently until a few hours later.

I left the house a minute late, and missed the *right* bus, and so missed the *right* train, and so missed the *right* bus, and so arrived at the office an hour late... the joy of the T.

I got off the bus without looking behind me, hoping to catch the next-best train that would let me only be 20 minutes late, and so left my hat behind (fortunately, not one of my spiffy wool ones, but still -- a serviceable rain hat, being a reversable jungle camo / safety orange soft-lid).

Somewhere between getting off the next-next-best train at Alewife, bumping into komos, ordering coffee, and heading to the bus terminal, I dropped or put down my book-in-progress (#3 in the Dresden Files [thanks for the crack pointer, mizarchivist -- now I can't *wait* for the SciFi show]), and it's gone gone gone. So I must order/acquire a replacement, to finish reading about the barbed wire and the ghosts (don't ask, just read. they're good.)...

Looking outside, the weather has only gotten worse as the day has progressed. From a lightly falling rain, which I could shield with my umbrella (which I did *not* lose this morning), it's shifted to a coldly drifting misty fog, which I must stand outside in to await Bus #1 (well, #351) from the office, and Bus #2 (OK, OK, #111) from Haymarket, to get home.

I'm in the mood for social distraction.

Anyone know they're going to the Diesel? or some other T-accessible social event to which I am or could be invited? I may go to the Diesel without knowing who else will be there, but it's more likely if I know *someone* will be there... (the extra fare will only play a part in my decision making for another few days, until I get a January T Pass, for use while I shop for replacement vehicle...)

ETA: Dinner plans are now tentatively made ... pending a reasonably un-sucky T ride there from work. Comments from now are screened, so make your offers as interesting as you like. Maybe you can improve my evening (and week) still further...?

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