Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
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Studio 60: the Xmas episode... and a bit of life...

OK, I enjoyed the episode. especially the "City of New Orleans" musical guest spot, not least because I very much enjoy O Holy Night, and played on jazz brass it's even sweeter...

But why are they resorting to an encore of *last* week's episode, so early in the show's run? Did the wrong episode get played last week? Did something go wrong with this week's episode? Wanna know!

On to the life stuff --

Today I took the T to and from work, no detours, no extra stops... To arrive at the office by 9am, I had to leave my house by 7am. Leaving the office on the button of 5pm, I got home at just about ... 7pm. 4 hours of travel, for 8 hours of work.

That comes perilously close to violating my rules of travel -- round-trip travel time should never be more than half of the time spent in the distant locale.

Not to mention that when driving, I can get door-to-door in 20-30 minutes with minimal traffic; bad traffic *has* stretched that to as much as 2 hours one way -- but today's bus+train travel was in virtually optimal traffic -- so it can only get worse.

Last week, I spent three days working from home, in no small part due to fluish symptoms which would have made the drive suck, and the T voyage impossible. This morning's work began with a global department meeting (all 6 of us) via conference call. During that call, my boss walked by the conference room, and heard deep coughing from within -- and IMed to scold me for having come back to the office when I clearly hadn't recovered yet. (It wasn't me coughing, so I didn't leave...)

I think/hope this bodes well for him understanding my soon-to-be-evidenced desire to minimize my mass transit travel, and work from home some chunk of the near future, while I find and acquire a replacement vehicle.

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