Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

energetic fluctuations

It's Saturday. Weekend. Recharge time.

Last night was the Onion Cellar at the ART (very worth attendance, especially having seen the Open Dress last Friday), followed by dessert at Harvest (somewhat less disapointing than Finale was last week, but they had removed the mango upside-down cake which had been the strongest draw of their dessert menu, so still not quite what had been hoped for). I got home around 1am, and was AWAKE until 2:45 or so, when I finally managed to lose track of the clock.

I slept late-ish (rose at 11am after spontaneous waking, due not to alarm nor to direct sunlight, though the big yellow thing was then rounding the building and beginning to shine directly on my bed).

I'm still bleary, 3-1/2 hours later, having drunk a half pot of coffee and eaten some leftover chicken fettuccine Alfredo and checked some email and puttered a bit...

I find no energy to put toward the car shopping thing. I find no energy to put in the laundry which must-needs be done, nor to go on the shopping run which is needed before the laundry (finished the detergent and dryer sheets last round), nor to thinking about what foodstuffs to lay in a supply of to sustain the coming weeks when I may not be driving so much as hiking the mile to the nearby grocery stores (Super Stop & Shop for 24-hour convenience; Market Basket for far lower prices on mostly the same offerings).

Suddenly I realize -- it's nearly 80° in my living room (the bedroom is a good 10° cooler, with 2 outside walls), though the heat is set far lower, thanks to neighbors and to the sun blazing in the large window... I open the windows, and there's this amazing refreshing BREEZE from the 50°+ outdoors...

So, now I will dress, and go outside, and whether I spend time in the parking lot dredging stuff from the van, or drive a couple towns over to the BJs for some key supplies, I have hopes that some of my normal energy will be restored...

I have no plans for this evening, though I must arise around 10am tomorrow, to get myself together and driven to a friend's Birthday Brunch and Movie Day Potluck (and, oh yes, I must figure out whether I'll use much of their kitchen to prepare home-fries, or find something else to make/buy and bring...), so I should get to bed around midnight...

If you're not doing anything tonight, maybe you'll call (sick swans even ate eight for sex tree won ate) or visit or...?

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