Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

I went, and it's going...

So last evening, to the movies I went, after pulling the fuse on the "Speed Control." (This had no effect.)

The movie was fun, with plenty of popcorn (with butter or bacon fat, depending on the bowl), a bit of wine, a bit of swiped rum/creme-de-cacao/seltzer oddness, and good company.

The return trip was relatively uneventful, so this morning's 20-ish miles were approached with only moderate trepidation, and I did reach my dad's office without incident.

4 hours of fun in the chair, and I had 6 radically reshaped upper front teeth under a large temporary crown. Soon, 2 very mis-directed teeth (lateral incisors) will be extracted and replaced with correctly directed implants, and I'll wind up with 6 individual crowns. I'll post pictures of the before, the mid-way, and the after of today, soonish.

Original plan was to head to the office after dentistry, but this much change to mouth shape results in temporarily distorted speech (lisping and other bits), so I opted to go home, let the numbness wear off, and practice speaking while working via Internet. The drive was without breakdown, but there were plenty of unexpected gearshifts.

Current plan is to empty the van tomorrow early-day, so when/if it does break down, there's no worry about losing stuff along with van. Then, I'll use it to party hop a little in the afternoon and evening, and get it in front of a trusted mechanic Monday. If he declares the strange behaviors reparable for $750 or less, which leaves me to still get the tires and washer pump and tuneup stuff, I'll do it. Else, it becomes trade-in fodder, and I start seriously shopping, while hoping it doesn't break down far from home or office in the meantime.

Tonight -- I go nowhere. Unless someone comes and gets me.

But my place is open for visitors!

bbbsg and chillguru are coming to rescue me, and take me away to Bluefin, and the Onion Cellar open dress rehearsal, and possibly Finale for afters... Yay friends!

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