Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

ear nibbling ain't always a good thing

A friend asked me to do some work with her old computer, moving data and applications to her new computer, while she was on vacation. As a double bonus, her cats would get an extra visitor.

So, I was there tonight, and while I was connecting cables and whatnot, one of the cats was rather insistent about having attention paid to him. This is not unusual; critters generally love me, including this cat.

So, I pet for a while, and let him climb up on my shoulders and wrap around the back of my head, like ya do... and after a while he settled atop a stack of boxes, next to where I was working. So far, so good.

I stopped paying attention to him for a few minutes, focusing on making the 40 GB of file transfer start. Mr. Pay Attention To Me started head-butting my head at some point, as cats will, and that was fine, so I let him rub my face for a bit -- until out of nowhere, he BIT MY EAR.

Not a friendly gentle nibble, either. He got a nice chomp on the inner cartilage, and drew blood at two points (technically, on the Crura anthelicis and the Crus inferius anthelicis, illustrated here minus the enclosing skin and subject to the uniqueness of human growth). Makes me wish for a digicam again.

It bled freely and brightly for a bit, so I'm hoping not to be catching any of that cat scratch fever, but if I start acting Very Strangely tomorrow, you'll know why. Strap me down, and get me to the hospital, k?

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