Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

tonight, I loaf...

I will leave the office momentarily, drive home, and putter. I have a couple tables to assemble, so I can do some Mac work for self and friends. I have a bit of laundry to put away. I have some minor tidying and vacuuming and such to do. And then, it's plop on the sofa, surf, and watch Kidnapped and other silliness.

Unless you motivate me otherwise.

Thwapping needs are growing... as are cuddling/snuggling/snogging... You, too, could live the dream -- one or both ways, writ small or large. Of course, simply being company for the earlier listed activities is also a welcome possibility.

(Comments screened, as usual, so you can volunteer in sekrit. If you want to be seen, don't tell me to keep it screened. If you want to stay in the shadows, say so, and your comment will remain between us and the LJ servers... or if you *really* want to keep it sekrit, use one of the other contact methods in my provile.)

Edited to ask... the f*ck? I wrote this at 5 past 5pm, just as I was leaving my office. Why did LJ decide it was posted at 21:05? (I've corrected the entry timestamp.) My pre-Honkfest post also appears to have been bumped 4 hours into the future. My laptop is set to Eastern Time, everything about my account is set to Eastern Time, when I view other people's comments, they're displayed with Eastern-localized timestamps. Someone please to esplain?

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