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a political rant I wish I'd written ... and some of my own

(Inspirational linky from the xtina, by way of a couple of steps I'm not tracking.)

Read it.

Know it.

Share it.

Do it.

Vote the idjits OUT.

And if your district is using one of the Diebold or similar machines without a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), then request a paper ballot -- absentee, if you have to, but AT THE POLLS, if you can. This is where that action will make a real impression -- because absentee ballots cannot be counted as a protest against the un-auditable machines that GAVE Ohio's Electoral votes to Bush in 2004, because there are too many *other* reasons to vote absentee.

If you're not yet a registered voter -- NOW IS THE TIME.

If you don't vote because "my vote doesn't count" -- YOU'RE WRONG! REGISTER AND VOTE! Or you're proving that your vote doesn't count -- but only because you don't even care enough to enter it into the mix.

I don't want to live in the new Land of Gulags. Orwell-land is not my idea of home. The people now in office are NOT doing their job. Several Congresscritters actually SAID that they believed the Bill they passed last week, doing away with Habeas Corpus rights for ANYONE THE ADMINISTRATION DECLARES AN ILLEGAL ALIEN COMBATANT, was unConstitutional -- and voted for it anyway.

They have violated their Oaths of Office -- TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES against ALL ENEMIES, foreign OR DOMESTIC -- and they should be IMPEACHED for it.

The President, whom I have *NO* doubt will sign it, will also violate his own Oath of Office by so signing -- and he SHOULD BE IMPEACHED for it. This, above even lying to Congress and the American People about why Iraq needed to be invaded and Saddam Hussein deposed, should be considered a High Crime.

Yeah, I'm all kinds of ranty on this one.

Testing this new law through the Courts -- which WILL happen -- will take years. Only someone who has been directly impacted by the law has standing (it's a technical legal term, here) to bring it to court, and it won't be usefully touched by any court below the SCOTUS (that's the Supreme Court of the United States) -- and it will take years to get there, from the first low Court to hear the issue.

Of course, hearing the issue will require that someone who SHOULD have been accorded the Rights of Due Process and Habeas Corpus, be denied them -- and somehow, from their secret imprisonment, they must bring their case to the attention of such a Court. Did I mention Gulag?

Until last week, I was worried about the next few decades of this country's life, as we try to find a way to dig out from the unbelievable debt loads amassed almost entirely by fighting the un-winnable "War on Terror" and in the "Mission Accomplished" aftermath of Iraq, even as we try to figure out how to shift from employer-funded health care and today's dying manufacturing economy, to universally insured and government-coordinated (yeah, yeah, call me a Socialist on this one -- there are ways to make it work) health care, in a predominantly service and intellectual capital-based economy.

Now, I'm truly fearful, and worried that the next few decades -- or less! -- may be the last years of this country's life, that we will not even have a chance to get past these "trivial" economic issues.

I've said that George Walker Bush would go down in history as our worst President to date, and hopefully ever. I've joked that I only hoped he wouldn't go down in history as our LAST President. I'm now fearful that he MIGHT.

The American People staged a Revolution against the last George who would be our King. I truly hope that will not be necessary ever again. But I fear, deeply, that may be what is coming. And I say, King is not just a title -- you can be called President, and be no less King....

This post is Unscreened. Entirely public. If I disappear, or am publicly decried as treasonous or worse -- please don't ever stop pushing to learn the truth of what happened, and to get me out, through your elected representatives, at all levels; through the American Civil Liberties Union; through the press and the media and person-to-person conversation. I was born in Maryland, to parents who were Officers and Gentlemen (at least until my mother was drummed out for the offense of being pregnant with me) -- if nothing else, I *am* entitled to Habeas Corpus as a natural born citizen, and it may fall to *YOU* to see that I get that hearing. Enough on the paranoid bits.

Get out there and get involved. Vote the bums out. Vote to keep the ones who voted against the end of Habeas Corpus, who voted against PATRIOT, who tried not to renew PATRIOT, who tried and continue to try to do the jobs they were voted into office to do -- and vote to add to their ranks.

It's time to TAKE BACK YOUR GOVERNMENT. To see, in the words of one of our greatest Presidents, that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Edited To Add -- a link to something hopeful, posted by a retired member of the US military. At least some of them get it, already, even in this climate.

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