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birthday weekend recap (a bit late...)

A birthday weekend, it was. Without plans to do anything about it, for I realized too late (on the very day, in fact) that it was actually my 3 x 13 year, and I could have, should have, had a triskadecaphiliac party...

Instead, I joined chillguru to see Scanner Darkly on Friday evening, after work. bbbsg had originally planned to accompany us as well, but she wasn't feeling up to snuff, and stayed home to quilt -- and to prepare a very tasty surprise birthday cake for me. That provide the perfect conclusion of the evening, and I toddled home to sleep.

Saturday, I woke somewhat later than planned (about 2), gradually got myself together, and drove off to sunspiral and roozle's annual End of Summer party. I've been to a few of their parties in the past, but this was the first year I got to EOS -- as I've been working at King Richard's Faire for the past 15 years or so. My route took me through the local liquor store, for a couple breeds of beer (Newcastle Brown and Pete's Wicked Strawberry) to satisfy both my cravings of the day, and BJs, for a few pounds of cheap chicken breasts for the grill.

Arriving, the chicken was depackaged into a gallon ziploc brought for the purpose, and marinated for 30 minutes or so in Brown Sugar & Hickory sauce. Meanwhile, I was sitting and talking with bbbsg, and concrete, and entrope, and redheadedmuse, and chillguru, and others... The chicken was loaded onto the grill, and left for cooking time.

I went to wash the BBQ sauce from my sticky hands, and bumped into a couple of the younger partygoers, who asked about having some of the chicken. I told them "of course," but asked that they keep an eye on its cooking, and make sure that bbbsg and I each get a big piece when it was done... I love responsible younglings. They did just as asked, delivering plates of meat, with utensils, before going off with their own helpings.. And I continued being stationary and social with those who came nearby, until I was well fed...

A while later, as it grew darker, the driveway became the domain of the firespinners, and the music played. A few drummers, and a boombox, provided background and focus for the spinners, and I watched some and wandered some, and found myself in entirely the right place at the right time to enjoy two Dancers with their fire. One I'd not seen before, and sadly failed to introduce myself, and the other was dreams_of_wings, who was simply dazzling.

After the spinning came to a close, I was speaking with redheadedmuse's husband about drumming, thinking about an upcoming wedding for which we'll both be doing some, and he told me a bit about his djimbe, headed with a thin and rubbery goatskin, requiring a very different kind of strike to produce useful sound than the typical djimbe. We moved to his drums, and he let me play a bit with his, while he picked up a doumbek, and mrpet played on a set of djun-djuns... I found his drum harder to play than I'd thought, and was suddenly inspired to get my own from my car...

It was, of course, 10:30pm at this point, and the noise was to stop at 11 -- and I really hadn't intended to do much drumming -- but once I'd pulled mine out, we were asked to have a bit of a drum circle by a host youngling (one of those who'd helped with the chicken), and so we had to. And for the next half-hour or so, the three of us, plus one other on a small ashiko, jammed, with a few nearby appreciators... right up to the dot of 11, when the local constabulary were somewhat surprised to note that we *did* stop. Shortly thereafter, dreams_of_wings was kidnapped by her ride, and I spent the last couple of hours socializing, with desiringsubject, and imlad, and imvfd, and dietrich, and others, and then it was time to drift home. There, I found birthday greetings in my voicemail from wisdom_seeker -- about the 15th person to remember and say so, a rare and pleasant surprise from each.

Sunday, I woke on the early side, having originally planned to work Faire thanks to a convenient staff opening (bot not a NEED, so the commitment had been soft) for strumpetone, but *exhausted* I remained, so a quick call to her cell phone's voicemail, and back to bed...

Re-waking another couple hours later, diving into coffee and email and LJ, I was invited to join concrete and entrope for a hike in the Middlesex Fells. We started without much plan, and found ourselves walking the Skyline Trail. We walked, and walked, and walked, climbing hills and fording streams and ravines and such, always thinking that we'd round another bend, and there'd be the other side of our starting point -- the Sheepfold Meadow. Eventually we realized that the Skyline was the LONG way around, and took a small shortcut with the Reservoir Trail. Back in the Meadow, we sat for 20-30 minutes, and then moved to a grocery store for dinner makings.

I was dropped at my apartment, where I grabbed some of the remaining beer from last evening's party, and checked messages to see whether an ailing friend wanted a chicken-soup delivery. Finding no such message, I rolled down to concrete and entrope's apartment -- where we discovered that yes, the Skyline Trail was the longest, and the hardest, in the Fells, at nearly 7 miles, of the roughest terrain available... So -- dinner was cooked, fabulously, as always, by my hosts, as they traded off baby duty...

Tank Girl was the feature of the evening, watched in part while dinner cooked, and we recuperated from the walking. About halfway through the DVD, penk arrived with son Z and friend blk; the latter was staying overnight, and being driven to her EARLY morning flight by concrete. They'd already eaten dinner, so concrete and entrope and I chowed down on the perfectly done pork and stuffing. After a last hour or so of socializing, Z and penk headed off to their place, and I to mine, there to crash until Monday summoned me back to the office.....

All in all, a very full, and very pleasant weekend. I'm sure it could have been better, but I'm hard pressed to think of many ways.

Thanks to all who played a part.

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