Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

so much time, so little to do...

Well, no. As Willie Wonka (Gene Wilder) said, "Strike that. Reverse it."

Still, my plans for this evening (rehearsal with the Fantods) have been cancelled, so I'm at loose ends after office hours.

I could and probably should fill that time at home, reshuffling electronics (swapping amplifiers, now that I've found that the missing channel was an issue with the cable box, not with the amp; swapping 802.11 WAPs, so I can use my employer's PPTP VPN wirelessly; maybe setting up some of the Good Speakers), paying bills, sorting and filing paperwork, etc.

But. I likes me my social time. So -- if you're game for a low key, relatively low budget, dinner and/or hanging out, starting not earlier than 6, and headed for pillows (whether shared or otherwise) not much later than 11 -- now's your chance to ping me.

Please don't take offense if your offer isn't the winner -- I may yet be overcome by a burst of responsibility -- or someone I haven't seen in months or years may chime in against someone I saw last evening at the Diesel...

That said, I'm screening comments, so if you're inclined to be suggestive or creative in reply... feel free. Tell me if you're shy of the public, as I may otherwise unscreen when responding.

Edit: I have too many lamosaurs, or responsible employees, as friends... A couple of regretful responses, but nobody in the affirmative, means I'm headed home from the office momentarily. I should be home by 6, if traffic cooperates a little bit. If you read this before 8pm, you could still join me for snacks, beverages, teevee or filmage on the jumbotron... Ping me by any means on my contact page, or ring the Thud hotline -- sick swan sevens, eight ate for, sex tree one ate. (and if you understood that at first glance, you really need to relax!)

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