Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

balancing acts

- iCal alarms doing VERY weird things, most troublingly not going off thought they've been properly set -- so I forget about and miss conference calls for work, and personal-time rehearsals for upcoming rather important singing events, and otherwise lose track of time
+ getting much housework done (laundry, tidying, vacuuming, assembly of a bookcase salvaged from the office)
- finding that the bookcase requires smaller shelf-support tab things than the 1/4" ones purchased weeks ago (and now unreturnable)
+ walking a few miles in the early evening, with a stop at Home Despot to get the smaller shelf-support tabs
- finding that the 3/16" tabs are *also* too large (leaving only the 5mm tabs as a purchaseable option), though at least exchangeable
- discovering that the email filter I screwed up a few weeks ago, and thought I'd fixed earlier this week, was actually screwed up worse ... so people think they're being ignored, when their messages simply haven't been seen!
+ having a prospective big-money customer prove to themselves that the competition cannot actually deliver, as wsa first stated to them weeks ago
- failing to prove that my employer's own product can deliver -- because what's working on my local test boxes isn't working on the prospect's machine... which probably points to a misconfiguration or an environmental variable screwup in the prospect's environment, which is not easily nor quickly pinpointed, without direct login access (obviously, unavailable)
- losing a screwdriver-and-drill bit set, with absolutely no memory of where it was last used, and discovering that the smaller drill bit set it was replacing has *also* vanished -- so I cannot measure the shelf-support holes before returning once more to Home Despot

I'm going to repeat last evening's walk now, a few hours earlier, and a bit warmer. I think I'll be interested in dinner upon my return -- are you doing anything? It would be good to add a plus or two to the above....

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