Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

lost days are the strangest days...

Friday night was filled with a trip to Johnny D's for the fantabulous Booty Vortex show. Dinner was a Pressed Julian (portobello, red pepper, mozzarella, and goat cheese, on sourdough), with sweet potato fries, followed by chocolate lava cake. Libations were plenty of Newcastle Brown Ale for me. Company included bbbsg, sunstealer, heinleinfan, and the surprise guest, catness.

The show wasn't quie up to their usual caliber, as the female lead singer was rather stiff and overly precise in her delivery -- not nearly enough swing in the moment. Still, the musicians were up to snuff, and it was still a quiet enjoyable evening.

After things ended at the club, bbbsg, chillguru, catness, and I went back to Chez bbbsg & chillguru for nightcaps (well, waters, really) and conversation until about 3...

I drove the 15 minutes home, and fell into bed.

The plan was to rise mid-morning, and head to the hinterlands of I-495, there to dredge a fainting couch and bedframe from the depths of redheadedmuse's garage. The couch is to come back home with me; the bedframe to another friend's place near Davis.

I thought I'd already followed through on this plan, but I awoke from a dream, just in time to head out and follow through, only to awake from a dream, at 5pm... Unbelievable. I felt like I'd done all the physical labor from *both* dreams, but I hadn't left my bed for nearly 14 hours.

Suitably humble apologetic email sent to redheadedmuse (I have a feeling the messages in my voicemail, which are currently irretrievable due to Verizon issues, are from you -- please forgive my failure to respond!), I set about finding something fun to do with my evening. One possibility which arrived through LJ and email fell through for lack of a phone number (I hope you found suitable company, or enjoyed the solitude, rekling!). Another possibility came to life with concrete & entrope ringing my doorbell.

We walked a mile from my place to theirs, dropped off their Big Dog and swapped a baby sling for a stroller; then walked a half-mile or so to the local Home Depot to get some hardware bits, and to the grocery store in the same plaza to get some eggs, and to the liquor store alongside for some cold and frosty beverages... Then back to their place, for more conversation, and chocolate lava cake (*oh* so tasty), and (for me) dessert of an amazing agglomeration of chicken, broccoli, black olives, swiss chard, and I don't know what else; all accompanied by the aformentioned frosty beverages.

Around about midnight, the smallest inhabitant of their house had clearly reached the end of her day, and just wanted quiet and nursing and cuddling to get to sleep, so the Big Dog and concrete drove me back up the hill to my abode... where I've spent the past few hours watching a couple of silly movies (The Faculty and a Pierce Brosnan fluff which title escaped me), and catching up on LJ...

Now, I try to sleep, less than 12 hours after rising... we'll see how well that works!

Tomorrow's theory is currently to head out to the Middlesex Fells around 11, once again with concrete & entrope et al. After that, it is possible I will be heading to the garage I neglected today... Modifications to these plans are possible; embellishments are always welcome.

Your thoughts?


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