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sister-in-law's page about her wedding...

I can't possibly do this justice. The clothes are worth seeing, and worth buying, if you're in the market for such gear. Much as the cobbler's children wear no shoes, what was produced for their own event was *mostly* finished, just in the nick of time -- but I've seen what they deliver to paying customers, and even what they pulled together at the last possible held up just fine, and *looked* splendid, as it's supposed to. Those of us in the party were quite comfortable in our various elements.

K criticizes the event planner for starting to break down tables in mid-reception... but doesn't mention that the ceremony had begun 2 hours past schedule, and concluded somewhat further off... so, the break-down was actually begun later than scheduled, after several folks (virtually all of the non-family guests) had gone, and those who remained spent another hour or so cleaning up, packing and loading. The crew I was with got back to our hotel at about 10:30pm, having spent 10-13 hours doing nothing but wedding ...

I do envy my brother's housing, as he is restoring a couple of bargain-priced Painted Lady Victorians -- one as residence and boutique/office; the other as rental income property -- but living 30-90 minutes from anything approaching a suburb, never mind a city, could cook my brain rather quickly.

The wedding ceremony itself was quite nice, filled with symbolism and history and more, but the only people who understood this were those who got the partial explanations given during rehearsal -- the actual ceremony carried no explanation of the parental candle lighting (giving of life), the sibling pouring of "wine" (contributions to life experience), the first (and second, third, and fourth) meetings and partings of Bride and Groom, culminating in their fifth meeting -- which led to the ceremony.... Fine words were chosen and written for reading, by bride and groom's fathers, and by groom's uncle celebrant, and for their vows... and I learned where my public speaking comes from, as my father and uncle delivered their words with projection and spirit and comprehension in their phrasing, while others staggered and stumbled through their quietly spoken parts...

Anyway. We all survived, with only the smallest of hiccups along the way, once we were all in the right place and time. I'm happy to have been there, and that it's over.

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