Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

he's lamin' again... what's on your weekend gameplan?

Yeah, yeah...

Driving would run me about $300 in gas and tolls, and would be the only way to guarantee a place to sleep. The event runs another $200 or so, before shopping.

If I were traveling with a passenger or two, who were at least pitching in what they'd have paid for bus and/or train, that would make the travel much more palatable, but I can't convince myself to do this one solo.

I'm better off putting that cash into a new camera, or online toy orders, or waiting until the FFF in Boston.

Of course, it now sounds like the boss thinks the office is closed Monday, tho no official message was ever sent (he sent out a note because he took home a pricy LCD monitor, and didn't want us to report a theft when we returned -- after the holiday.)

So, I'm free at least tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday, and Tuesday (which has a mellow backyard cookout party, to which I could easily bring a friend or three, especially if we pitch in to the comestibles), and believe I will shortly get confirmation that Monday is also mine to play with.

What games shall we play?

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