Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

odd dreams

This weekend was to have been spent doing large amounts of van clearing, stuff shuffling and organizing between storage in Clinton and home in Chelsea, all in preparation for next weekend's departure for Rites of Spring, but it's just too wet -- I have no place to park the van with cover, so the cleanout isn't happening. The storage unit also has no protection from the elements (though the weathermaps are making it look like some time there may be worthwhile tomorrow -- as the rain is concentrated more to the East than my storage locker), so that was not happening today.

I found it dreadfully hard to awaken and get moving Saturday -- I daren't say this morning, as I didn't even take note of the clock until after 12, nor actually arise until 2 or so. The past whole week's raininess has been draining my mojo something fierce, as I've been struggling to get out the door in time for work, and not being fully energized any day this week. Major finger crossing for better weather starting at least next Friday, when I do load up and drive away, is appreciated.

I knew before going to bed that I'd sleep extra late today, as I was up until 4 listening to the partiers upstairs -- 2 of whom managed to accidentally come to my door at 3:30 after an outdoor smoking break -- following a lovely evening in the Vortex of Booty at Johnny D's and a bit of after-hanging at bbbsg & chillguru's place, all with sunstealer and heinleinfan.

So, there I was, asleep... and dreaming of being awake.

And dreaming of an apartment different than I currently occupy, but it was current in the dream. The woman I was once engaged to apparently had keys, as she had left me an offering -- two cats, and assorted accessories. The odd thing about the cats she left was -- both are long dead, and one was never associated with her.

Still, in the dream, they were both alive and well and getting along marvelously together... and enjoying my apartment, which was troublesome to my dream self -- as I was still trying to get ready for Rites, and expecting to be away from home for 10 days, without having arranged for anyone to feed or otherwise care for such cats...

I really don't know how things ended in the dream -- I lost it either in the waking or in a deeper phase of sleep, as I dozed through the early afternoon.

It was mighty weird to wake up and be worried about tripping over cats, despite remembering that none live here....

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