Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

someone take this Kick Me sign off, please?

OK, this time it's purely me being an idiot.

The week before last, when my van was towed to the shop? Which I'd been planning on driving to?

Well, I'd originally planned to have a warranty conversation with the dealer who'd installed the fuel pump last May, I mean August, I mean October... but then it died, and I spent far too long beside the road waiting for the tow truck, so I forgot to call the dealer about the warranty.

And then my regular mechanic wasn't able to get the job done before their scheduled vacation, so the van was towed across town to *another* shop, and they did the job. I took the T to pick up the van, and it was raining, and the kids who were in the shop when I picked up the van were so clueless, they charged me for the wrong bill -- so I had to go back again the next day to pay the difference...

And in all this, I totally forgot to have the warranty conversation, and I failed to collect the bad pump from the shop that replaced it.

So today, when I spoke with the dealer, I learned that the warranty was 12 months or 12,000 miles. In other words, it was still in effect. So I've spent about $800 I didn't need to, and the new warranty is unlikely to be so good (though I do need to check that, sooner than later)...

And at the same time, I've stumped the entire dealership -- including a number of mechanics who've been working 20+ years.

How did I do this? By having another problem solved by the fuel pump replacement -- this problem being a brake issue, where the pedal suddenly loses the hydraulic power assist, and goes to pure mechnical operation, simultaneous with the warning lights for both the ANTILOCK and BRAKE system coming on. According to the chief mechanic -- these systems are just not connected -- so there's no way this should be the case.

But it is -- inarguably, the issue with the brake warnings has *stopped* since the fuel pump was replaced.

This is good -- except that it doesn't make sense -- and they still don't have a CLUE why the pumps have been going bad -- 4 in one year! -- so ghod only knows what comes next or when...

I'm ready for the Good Karma, Mr. DeMille...

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