Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

what's fun tonight? and the weekend? and beyond?

Platypus Rex was most enjoyable, once more... The acts which preceded them were each good in their own ways, though neither had quite the spark I was hoping for. The act which followed didn't start off to my taste, and I didn't wait for them to change, as I was actually starting to get tired. But I met a few new people, through my friends in P.Rex, and that along with the music marked the night "good" for me....

It's now VERY early Friday, and I'm wondering who might be interested in doing something fun (movie? dinner? lounging about?) tonight... and what invitations or announcements I've missed...

I'm three-ish days behind on LJ, and have been skimming much of the past few weeks, so -- if you've announced something for this weekend, I'd appreciate hearing about it again, directly if possible...

Saturday, from about 11 til mid-to-late afternoon (or Sunday in case of major rain), I'll be at EarthSpirit's Open Beltane in the Middlesex Fells, at Sheepfold Meadow. Join us?

Saturday evening, I *might* be in Hyannis (about a 90 minute drive from my apartment), to hear more from that Chicksinga, kit_holliday, as she'll be performing with Ricky "King" Russell, at Harry's Blues Bar... but as that's a long drive back, and another friend is having one of Those Kind Of Parties, I might go there instead. I'm more inclined to do either of these, or something entirely different, with company -- what say you?

Sunday, if Saturday remains dry, I may be drumming for someone else's Beltane around Noon; other than that, my day is empty. What of you? Same options as Friday, and perhaps more, are open....

A few more weeks of employment workstuff, and then I'm off to Rites of Spring, where I do lots and lots of W/work, and also have lots and lots of F/fun, often at the same time with the same action -- and it'd be great to find more of you there! Drumming, dancing, bonfires, rituals, hanging out, healing, cooking, building, singing, more... Oh, I'm ready for this week!

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