Thud. Mac-Thud. (macthud) wrote,
Thud. Mac-Thud.

the (vehicular) downward spiral

Last evening was delightfully spent, first with a couple hours of crowd-watching at Diesel, as I sat on the fringe of the active zone, and spoke briefly with those who came to me, but I didn't make much effort to wedge myself into the crowd... This did mean I didn't do more than wave to a few folks as they wandered in or out, with whom I would have liked to have had more conversation, but sometimes this is the way things go... It was still a pleasant time, and rounded out nicely with 20 minutes or so as I was part of the last lingering foursome at my table....

From there, bbbsg and I drifted down the street to get some last minute dinner ingredients, and then a movie which would go unwatched. Starting cooking at about 9, we made heinleinfan's becoming-legendary Spatchcock Chicken, topped with an orange/apricot/soy sauce, accompanied by mashed potatoes, and spinach with sauteed onions. We actually ate around 10:30 or 11, and decided not to watch the movie after all. chillguru drifted in around 11:30, as we finished cleaning up from the meal, and he tucked into the leftovers, while the three of us jabbered about many and varied topics. Conversation was forced to a close when we realized it was 1:00am, and chillguru and I both had morning commitments.

My drive home was almost entirely uneventful -- but in the home stretch, about 2-3 miles from my door, that same old fuel pump issue came around again. Less than 100 yards from the gas station I'd been planning to stop at, as my tank was reaching the 10 gallon level (it holds 35, and I prefer to keep it above 5, but oh-my-ghod these prices suck). I sat for a few minutes, turned the key, and restarted without problem. Rolled on to the gas pumps, and put in $40 worth (I remember the days the whole tank would have been less than $30... this only gave me about 15 gallons!). From there, no further issues as I drove the last couple miles home.


Monday morning, the van passed MA State Inspection, having received new headlights the day before. At the same time, I scheduled it for a visit to my friendly mechanics tomorrow, Thursday -- but the fun part of this visit is transportation to and from. I'll drive it there, and it'll make it, even if I have to do it in fits and starts -- but the garage is 15 miles from home, and 15 miles from work. Transit from garage to home isn't too bad -- $5, for about an hour on 3 busses and a train, plus 1/2 mile walking... Getting to the office from home is far worse -- about $5, for about *two hours* on 3 busses *or* 3 busses and two trains, plus 1/2 mile walking... And then from the office to the garage tomorrow evening is $6, and 2 hours, on 2 busses and a train, *or* 3 busses and a train... On the other hand, doing an evening run from home to garage is $5, for 90 minutes on 2 busses and a train, *or* 2 trains and a bus... These times all assume that all vehicles are running on time, and that busses hit no traffic (HAH!) (This is why I've been getting lots of recent work done at the dealer local to my office -- only a 2 mile hike, or 1/2 mile walking and a bus ride, and most work has been done in 1 day.)

Oh, plus, I'm supposed to be singing with a nascent a capella group tomorow evening, as we get together for the first time, after several weeks of email-tag...


So today, I do some searching for free or cheap 1-day Internet access, and if I can find a convenient place, I'll work from near the garage tomorrow. If nothing's convenient to there, I'll drop the van off this evening, and T home; work from home tomorrow, and T (or cab) back to the garage in the evening, assuming it's made progress...

If you happen to be reading this, and have a spare vehicle, and are near to Newtonville (where the garage is) -- let me know what you'd like in exchange for my putting about 50 miles on your car. Aside from my significant gratitude, of course.

Now, to the office, with hopes that the pump doesn't play any games this morning.

EDIT -- the pump played games within 2 miles. The van has been towed to the shop, and I'm working from home... and will find some way to get to my Thursday and Friday evening happenings.

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